Poem to my body


At mile 11... going on 1 million... I seem to recall.

At mile 11 of the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon. Going on 1 million... I seem to recall. Not a pretty sight!

During my initial training (the Couch To 5K plan) I jotted down the following little thoughts in homage to what I was experiencing.

As I run my body continues to say “this is quite hard (more Holy Crap!)”…. and I continue to say back “I know… we’re doing it anyway”…. various muscles in my legs say “ohh… I’m finding this a little bit of a stretch (WTF?)”…. and I say “yep… thanks for letting me know that” and I continue to run and run and run.  Thank you body.

It still works for me even now… after running in my half marathon at Disney in September 2009.

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