Thank you for going the wrong way

When running around the Rose Bowl apparently we are all supposed to be running / walking in the same direction

When I first started running around the Rose Bowl Loop my default direction was counter-clockwise (anti-clockwise for my UK friends/family). It took me a few weeks before I noticed the signs actually showing this was the “correct” direction to be travelling in. For me.. I simply prefer going in that direction as that keeps the oncoming road traffic (bikes / cars) in plain view.

However I wanted to give a little shout-out to all of you who run the rose bowl in the wrong direction. Thank you for doing that! I much prefer looking at all the happy smiling faces as we pass one-another anyway :-,,)

See you round the Rose Bowl.

If you see me running… give me a wave… or even a “double thumbs up”… which is my “signature” wave.

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