Weekend Running – Rose Bowl and Lacy Park

Since moving to Pasadena last summer the place I have most often been running is around the Rose Bowl Loop.  Although for the past several months I found I could not easily fit in the trip here so instead I have been running around one of my (and my dogs) favorite parks – Lacy Park in San Marino.  This weekend I ran at both places.

The Team In Training program will all be happening close to the Rose Bowl so I wanted to just get myself back in to the routine of going here and running.   Here’s my GPS track of the run.

[iframe_loader width=”465″ height=”548″ frameborder=”0″ src=”http://connect.garmin.com:80/activity/embed/63749217″]

I didn’t quite get all the way around as I needed a little bathroom break… and the nice thing with the GPS track is you can see me heading into the restrooms (well… not literally… you just see a little red line going there).  Sorry… TMI!

On Sunday I did a short run around Lacy Park.  This is where I take our 13 year old cocker spaniel to have his daily dose of people throwing his tennis ball for him to go retrieve and have them throw again.

For a 13 year old dog – he has amazing energy – much to the surprise of anyone who meets him for the first time and thinks he must be still quite a young puppy.  He is proof to me of the fact that staying fit – keeps you young.

Oh.. and by the way.. Chester doesn’t run with me… that would be a little too much for him.  He just sleeps in the car while I go back in to the park to do my running.

[iframe_loader width=”465″ height=”548″ frameborder=”0″ src=”http://connect.garmin.com:80/activity/embed/63834429″]

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