It’s not just about running.

My first Strength Training at Arcadia HS

Team In Training group at Arcadia HS - Coach Chris gets us all working

Training for a marathon is not just about getting out and running!   Tuesday nights are where the Team gets coaching on a critical part of our fitness – and that is core strength training.    This is something I have not worked on during my own running so far and I just know this will make a big difference in how I manage to get through the running.

Tonight was also my first chance to meet with a lot of the other people who are taking on Team In Training this season.   We started off the training by four laps of warmup brisk walking around the track

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That was a great opportunity to chat with my fellow teammates and hear something about what has them take this on.   The stories are varied.  Some are doing this because their passion is running – and they want to make a difference while doing that.  Others have close family members or family friends  or even work friends who have been impacted by blood cancers and they want to play a part in combating that.

After the warm-up we got down to the real task of getting instruction from Coach Chris on various exercises designed to build our core strength.   I had to leave a little early… but next time I go I look forward to completing all the exercises.

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