My first Saturday Morning training.

Chuck - Honored Teammate (survivor of Lymphoma) is the walk coach for TNT.

Saturday Feb 19th was my first experience running with the whole San Gabriel Valley TNT group.   This is pretty much how my Saturdays are going to be for the next four months and I was eager to discover how it all worked.

We meet at the Aquatics center just south of the Rose Bowl and the morning started with initial introductions by LLS and some of the coaches and honored teammates before we got right into the first clinic of the day.   Chuck is the Walk coach for the team – himself a survivor of Lymphoma.   I’m going to be running my marathon and I was curious to discover how much the coaching for walking is actually relevant to those of us who will be running.

When Chuck said “admit it… you know all you runners will be walking part of the time anyway” I could not deny the logic.   He said “many people who run their marathon do so for as long as they can… then they walk”.   That describes me to a “Tee” as far as how I “ran” my first half marathon.   So – the point is to consider taking on a strategy of run-walking – as that will likely offer the runners the best chance of finishing the race in the best time – and without injury.

The running all starts and ends at "Stinky Pipe".

The running all starts and ends at "Stinky Pipe".... and no.. I am not licking it!!

After the clinic we had a quick warm-up walk followed by some stretching exercises.  We then split into our “Pace Groups”…and headed to the start of the run over by “Stinky Pipe”.

Todays run was 75 minutes so the plan was to run around the rose bowl anti-clockwise until the 37.5 minute mark – then turn around and come back the other way.    I have not run that time/distance for a few months and I was a little unsure of how I would cope with the extra distance.  In the end it went perfectly.

Thanks to the support of the coaches and mentors who ran with us… and of course the other participants in Team.

Me - pictured with the pace group named after my Honored Teammate - Jeri

Me - pictured with the pace group named after my Honored Teammate - Jeri

The pace groups are all named in honor of people who have been fighting blood cancers. I was with the 12 minute mile group called “Michael 12”.     I

I was very inspired to see the pace group named after my own personal Honored Teammate – Jeri.  here is a photo of the group of runners who are in that pace group.

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