TEAM spirit – running for 90 minutes

The "Michael 12" pace group just passing the Dam

The "Michael 12" pace group just passing the Dam

Up to now I have been a “solo” runner.   From my first steps doing my Couch to 5K training back in early 2010 to running in the Disney Half Marathon in September it’s been something I achieved by solo training (although numerous friends joined me for the odd run here and there).  The “Team” aspect of the training I am now doing is spectacular.  I am hooked.   I am gaining so much from the coaching and the support from fellow runners.

During the 90 minutes of the running part of the training you get a chance to have a lot of conversations which are often focused on the many aspects of running / training for a marathon.

Coach Chris takes us through the Run Clinic

Coach Chris takes us through the Run Clinic

Run Clinic

Today we had a run clinic where Coach Chris gave us a run-down on how to run most efficiently.   The trick is to run with the appropriate Cadance (steps per minute).   Apparently we should be running with shorter steps and more frequently than you might think.    We did a test run first where each of us were to count how many steps we were taking.  I measured mine to be about 135.    180 steps per minute is the goal.

We then did another short test where the idea was to increase the cadence and notice how it felt.    It really did seem to be easier.

The 90 Minute Run

The run today started at the Rose Bowl but we very quickly headed into the nearby hills, passed the local Dam, went as far as we could in 45 minutes… then  turned around and came back.   The 90 minutes we ran for was the longest I have run since my half marathon last September and we covered 7.5 miles in that time.  In all I found the run surprisingly easy and I’m looking forward to increasing the distance next week.   Below is the exact route we took as recorded on my GPS watch.

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John - Story of his daughters triumph over LymphomaWhy I’m Doing This

Before we set out on our 90 minute run one of the coaches shared a very moving story of his daughters triumph over Lymphoma.  John said “20 years ago… she would not have survived”.  Not only is she fully recovered – John is a proud grandfather.  To me this underlines the incredible impact finding cures for this disease has.

That battle with cancer is not a “slam dunk” thing – even with the over $1 Billon raised by LLS in the past 20 years – the outcome is not certain – and the treatment is often very tough.   That’s why I am running for this marathon and fundraising to help find a cure – or find even better cures for these diseases.     Please support me, and support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with any donation amount by clicking on the donate link here or on the right of the screen above.

Thank You!

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