“All Team” training at Griffith Park

While running around Griffith Park we had the opportunity to meet other users of the park

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society runs the largest training/fundraising program of it’s kind.  Every year approximately 30,000 people join the program which is of course why so much money is raised each year for this cause.

I train with the San Gabriel Valley group however there are numerous other local groups and we are all collectively supported by the Los Angeles Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program.

This Saturday was the first chance for all the local teams to come together at Griffith Park and train as One Team.    It was a spectacular event and for me what I got to experience was the fact that so many of us are on this same journey towards the marathon.  I met so many other participants who are taking on running their very first marathon.  It was an inspiring experience.

After some initial announcements and a wonderfully rigorous warmup led by one of the the other teams coaches (thank you Coach Tony) we got started on our run.

Directions around a Pile of Horse Poo...

Run around the horse poo.

The Route

The 12-minute pace group were swelled in numbers and we set off on our 8 mile run around the unfamiliar (for me anyway) route around the park.   Prior to the run the TNT volunteers had left some very helpful route markers to keep us on the right track.   As the photo on the right shows – their dedication to keeping us out of trouble was very evident.   For some reason I feel I must share the nature of the route markers and what they helped us avoid.

Our route took us out past the old location for the LA Zoo right out to the Train Museum near to the 134 freeway and then all the way around past the new LA Zoo and then to the starting point (6 miles to here).  For those of us running 8 miles (not everyone was) we then turned back and ran to the last Aid station and back again.    Below is the route as recorded on my GPS watch.

[iframe_loader width=”465″ height=”548″ frameborder=”0″ src=”http://connect.garmin.com:80/activity/embed/72689304″]

Running past the old LA ZOO

Running past the old LA ZOO

First Aid Station - supported by Runners Circle store.

First Aid Station - supported by Runners Circle store.

The 12 minute pace group about to start their run.

The expanded 12 minute pace group starts off with a Go Team One Team!

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