Honored Teammate Potluck – Saturday 3/26

Honored Teammates. Top left is Roger Klinkhart and his wife Nancy, Lower left is TNT Teammate Sherry Rudnak, Center photo features me along with my Honored Teammate Jeri Alonzo and her two daughters, Right shows Virginia Garner with Alessandra Sanchez and her mother.

Last Saturday was a very special event for all of us who are training and fundraising.   The Honored Teammate Putluck is where we get a chance to meet with and hear the stories about the people we are all running for.    

We met with the teams honored teammates – including Roger Klinkhart (fighting CLL) and Allessandra Sanchez (Hodgkins Lymphoma). 

Sherry shares about her Honored Teammates

Sherry shares about her Honored Teammates

Fellow TNT running-mate Sherry Rudnak shared her reason for running – her Great Aunt and her Great Uncle.   Sherry did not originally know that her own family was so touched by Leukemia to this extent as it was something kept very quiet and not talked about within the family.   That’s a common feature of cancer.  The big “C” is a dreaded thing to occur and for some the prospect of publicly sharing this is difficult for many reasons.  Despite that desire – we do know that sharing can provide much needed support and awareness for everyone involved.   That’s what I am committed to doing.  

Finally the most special part of the day for me was when my own Honored Teammate Jeri Alonzo arrived.  Jeri lives in Illinois and up until that day we had never met.   I was introduced to Jeri through her daughter, Kelly Sorentino.  Kelly works at a client of mine in San Clemente. 

Jeri is receiving treatment for CLL using what’s called “alternative methods”.   The sad truth is that some versions of blood cancers are more treatable than others (using so called “traditional methods”) and Jeri is fighting her battle valiently by all means possible after going through the more traditional approaches and getting to a point where her doctor said “there is nothing more we can do”.  

Photo of Liam and Jeri

Liam and Jeri meet for the first time.

That underlines the need for my fundraising perfectly… the need for new treatments… additional options for treatments… treatments that work for everyone.

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