Clocking up the miles – 12 miler.


Much needed shots of Fruit Punch Gatorade - with salt on the rim

Our pace group enjoying the unique and much appreciated Gatorade with salt drinks at one of the two aid stations supporting us on our 12 mile run

The training is getting real serious this month.  This last weekend we were to reach 12 miles and by the end of the April we’ll be all the way to 16.

The route on Saturday took us north along one side of the Rose Bowl loop up near to the base of the dam where we then turned around and came all the way back.. past the “Stinky Pipe” and then headed for the first time into the southern Arroro Seco trails towards South Pasadena.

Very creative Aid station.I’m not all that fond of trial running and for me it was not the easiest of runs.  The heat of the day also didn’t help.   What did help however is the absolutely amazing group of volunteers and fellow teammates whose support and dedication to this task is truly inspiring.

One example of that dedication is the setup of the aid stations strategically positioned to provide much needed sustenance to all the runners along the route.

So you may be forgiven for thinking this marathon training thing is just about the running.  Of course.. that is a major aspect of what we get up to… but more than anything what we are doing is conditioning the body to take on the biggest endurance challenge it has ever had to deal with.  Each “long run” is the next opportunity to find out how the body is adapting to the challenge.

Running along the Arroyo

My 10 mile run two weeks prior was pretty good.. however I ended up with a blister on my left foot and some “chafing”.  I was committed to learning from my last run and improving on things.  With the addition of some special foot powder… and some additional “body glide” I am glad to report on this run I had neither of those issues.  That’s not to say I didn’t experience any further challenges this time.

The heat was certainly a challenge and the trail running just seemed far more difficult than on a flat road surface.   By the end of about the 10th mile I was beginning to feel extremely fatigued and I didn’t feel I had my usual reserves to pick up the pace towards the end.   What’s more I had developed some soreness in my left calf muscle along the way… not enough to have me stop… but nevertheless it was a concern.

About half a mile before the end we had reached a steep hill below one of the bridges.   Coach Kevin was stationed just at this point and his much needed coaching had me push myself up the hill.

Then with my running partner Kendra (who was running very strong all the way)… I managed to find a little bit of reserve to pick up the pace and run in to the Stinky Pipe to be greeted by the rest of the team.

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