It’s not just about the running of course.

It tastes as good as it looks

Food provided by Anna Kennedy (my wife) and the lovely Mamma Donna (a close friend)

Of course there’s more to this whole effort than just training to run 26.2 miles.  What you are seeing above is just a small part of the spread of delicious food that was provided for friends and family who attended the second of our fundraising lunches.  This one is from April 17th when we had our fundraiser at a friends house in Orange County.

Friends from our old neighborhood in Orange County showed their support for this very worthy cause.

In total over $600 was raised.

A very special guest who attended was Kaye Hentschke.   Kaye and I met through a mutual client in San Diego.  She shared her incredible story with everyone on her own battle with Lymphoma.   After being diagnosed, treated, and put into remission her cancer returned unexpectedly and developed into a stage 4 version which required massive treatment.  Despite the challenge Kaye came through the experience and is now living a very healthy and fulfilling life. Kaye has a lot more living to do!

One of the guests asked “how can we support you”.   I answered by sharing what it is like for me to be training for this marathon knowing I have received such incredible support from all my friends (from the donations through to the words of encouragement).   I really do take each of you, my friends, with me on every run.  I am running for you.. and in honor of your faith in me that I can complete the challenge.  You are part of my team.

Several of my friends have also committed to being in San Diego on June 5th and cheering me on while I am running in the Marathon from the side of the road.   I was touched and overwhelmed by this thought.  I just know that will make an enourmous difference to me as I run.

Thank you friends!   Go team!!

Special thanks to Mike and Donna for hosting the fundraiser – and of course to my incredible wife for the truly superhuman effort in making all of this go smoothly.


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