Team “Race” at the Santa Anita Derby Day 5K.

Thumbs up from the finish line.
That’s me posing near the finish line… after beating my previous personal record by more than 3 minutes I was pretty wacked. Can you tell?

This last Saturday many on the team entered into a simple 5K race at a local venue.  The Santa Anita Racecourse is just a few miles from Pasadena in Arcadia.   The 5K distance (3.1 miles) is about the distance I run most days.. but as you know we have been increasing the distance steadily on our Saturday runs.  This was of course very different.  The coaches wanted us to experience what a “professional” race experience is like (quite a few on the team have never run in an organized race before).   I also have not run in a “real” 5K race since I did my first one in February of 2010.  

I was interested to see how fast I could run.. and by how much I might be able to beat my prior time.  I knew that with all the training and running I have been doing I felt much fitter and stronger than I did back then.  The course was a little hillier than the run I did in Huntington Beach (which was as flat as it could possibly be).   The final 1/4 mile was also on a very tough surface (a bit like dense sand)… which I guess is good for horses… but not so much for us two-legged animals. 

Despite the hills and the sand… I came in at 26m 17s.   That shaved 3m 1s off my prior time.  I was well pleased.   I can remember being absolutely beat after my first 5K race… this time… although it was definitely an effort…I felt like I could do it again.   

It was great at the end to cheer all my fellow teammates who were crossing the finishing line too.  Go Team!

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