16 Miles. Boo Yah!!

Running group at the 5 mile mark

Running group at the 5 mile mark left-to-right, Richard, Liam, Liz. Missing is Kendra (taking the photo)

It was much warmer this week so I really took the coaching to heart as far as keeping cool.  At each aid station I would  pour cold water over my head/neck and putting ice inside my hat. Sounds a bit extreme – but when you’re running for over 3 hours keeping cool is the most important thing.

The route this week was a little different than last and I was not looking forward to heading in to the south trails for the final four miles. As it turned out the first 14 miles were a challenge but doable. The final two miles nearly “did me in”. But with the help of my running mates we did it.

Here’s the proof of the pudding.  The upload of my run as recorded on my GPS watch.

[iframe_loader width=”465″ height=”548″ frameborder=”0″ src=http://connect.garmin.com:80/activity/embed/82569095]

Next week we have a planned “rest run” which means we go back to running ONLY 10 miles. Then the following week we are back up to 18 miles.

Wish us luck!

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