My longest run before the Marathon. 18 Miles!

This is the route we took for our 18 mile long run.

18 miles route took us on a very scenic route to the north and south of the Rose Bowl

In just about three weeks I’ll be running in my first ever marathon.. all 26.2 miles at the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll.

While training for the marathon you never actually run the entire distance… that’s saved for actual race day.  This Saturday (May 14th) it was officially the “Longest Run” of the training for us.   Due to our somewhat challenging route of hills and trails the long run for us was 18 miles.

As you know… this is my first marathon and at this stage in the training each longer run is a new personal record for distance and time.  Each run is another additional challenge where I am learning what it takes for my body to go the extra mile.. further than I have every asked it before.

The temperature was great (cooler is better) and I took every aid station as an opportunity to replenish all my stores of food/water and such.  We had three aid stations this time and the route had us go past them a total of 7 times.

My ability to run this distance at all is definitely a factor of improvements to my physical endurance.  However the physical ability is only one part of the equation.  It’s a balance between the physical activity (one step in front of the other) with proper fluid/energy intake while running and most importantly (for me) is running with others on the team who are on the very same journey.   I can’t imagine running this sort of distance by myself so I am very grateful for the company of my other teammates and the mentors  and coaches who run with us and cheer us on.

From here on in we are in “Tapering” mode.  That means the weekend long runs will get progressively shorter until race day.   I guess I’m OK with that.

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